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Providing common-sense reforms

The number one responsibility of our elected officials is to protect the citizens’ individual rights and freedoms. I do believe a reasonable degree of security is necessary to allow for the exercise of these freedoms. I will always keep this in mind when weighing potential votes on legislation.

We must put families before felons by passing legislation that cracks down on criminal activity and keeps our homes and communities secure. We cannot coddle criminals, families should be safe.

Solutions that I support:

On March 2, 2015, I offered an amendment to HB-1533 that passed by voice vote in the House. It required a person, in order to be eligible for a certificate of restoration of opportunity, to be fully (not partially) compliant with a restitution payment plan.


“Our Government is in place to protect our rights and freedoms, not to protect us from them.”~ Dan Griffey


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