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Since I have taken office in 2015, I have not only heard the needs of our citizens but I have been able to do something about them. So far- and the number is quickly moving up, our office has been able to assist over 1,500 people. They needed help navigating red tape and ridiculous waits. Our Veterans have had needs that were ignored but were brought to the forefront. Stream lining government and accountability are at the top of my list and we have been making healthy strides. But we are not finished yet.

The more programs we start without a plan to fund them, the more people become reliant on them with no certainty that they will continue. There is also considerable waste when dealing with an obese government structure. There is a tendency for the right hand to not know what the left hand is doing and sometimes they are doing the same thing.

Communication in the Government is critical but as you know if you ever played the game telephone as a kid, the message gets more distorted the more people it must pass through before it reaches its destination. We need to streamline the Government. Citizens should be able to voice their concerns and opinions without getting tangled in a web of bureaucracy.

Our citizens deserve top notch customer service from our state. Our students deserve the best and there is nothing that is too good for our kids. Our Senior Citizens deserve to live in dignity and our working class deserves a strong economy that brings job opportunities and security. We all deserve a beautiful healthy state that attracts business, encourages tourism and allows nature to flourish.

As your Representative I am here for you, listening and bringing your concerns and ideas to the forefront. I hold no allegiance to anyone but those I represent. Together we are making a difference- one voice at a time.



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