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The housing market is a very important piece of the economic picture. Washington State covers over 42.59 MILLION acres, much of that we can consider real estate.

The economy and housing are closely linked. When we have a healthy economy and unemployment is low, houses sell more often and at a much faster pace. There are many jobs created when a home is sold, from painters to electricians, title companies, landscapers, inspectors and home centers all benefit when a house changes hands. The opposite is of course true when the economy is in a down turn.

I support legislation that:

Protects consumers and keeps housing affordable and available.

Protects citizen’s rights to use their land.

Does not tax people unfairly for property that they cannot use to its full capacity.

Keeps local decisions local.

“Our Government is in place to protect our rights and freedoms, not to protect us from them.”~ Dan Griffey



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