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 Add your endorsement for Dan Griffey to this list by clicking this link:ENDORSE DAN GRIFFEY for the Washington State House 35th District, Position 1.

Tom Welch

Broker, Windermere Peninsula Properties

I have known Dan for many years and I have seen his commitment to the community in both professional and personal capacities. He is a self-starter who will see a job that needs to be done and does it.

Larry Weaver

Owner, Dream Weavers, Real Estate

I appreciate Dan Griffeys perception of what needs to be done in the Washington State political arena. He has shown the aptitude, skill, and enthusiasm to take on the challenges of the Legislature. I give Dan my highest recommendation and intend on supporting him in November.

Debbie Doll

Licensed Insurance Agent

Dan is a man with integrity and someone who will help others without hesitation. He has a heart of gold! He is a leader and desires the best for his community.

Kristian Schonberg

Real Estate Professional

Daniel is a hard working, community oriented person who is committed to his family.

Cheryl Farrell

Substitute teacher at Shelton School District and Partylite Independent Consultant

I met Daniel when he began his candidacy for State Legislature. I had the opportunity to work with his campaign. I was fortunate to work with him personally in various capacities. During this time I observed his organizational skills, leadership ability, honesty, personable demeanor, sincerity, ability to listen and care about the concerns of people in his district.

Sharon Trask

House of Representatives

Dan Griffey is one of the most honest and respected people I know. Dan believes in America and the American people. He is a perfect fix for the needs of our great nation and state.

Lary Coppola

Consultant at Gerson Lehrman Group Inc.

In my opinion, Dan Griffey will make an excellent State Representative. He is not only willing to work hard for the citizens he'll represent, but he understands the need to listen, and has made a special point of being available when needed.

Douglas Richards

Experienced Leadership

I had the pleasure to campaign along side Dan during the 2010 election cycle. I admired the hard work and diligence Dan put into his efforts to represent the people of the 35th district. During this time Dan demonstrated the leadership qualities necessary to not only lead the great people of the 35th district, but showed the integrity so badly needed in today.

Mary Jane Aurdal-Olson

Republican Political Activities

Proud to endorse Dan Griffey for 35th Legislative District, Position 1.

Cody Walbaum

Owner & Web Designer at Decacon.net

It has been a pleasure to work with Dan on his campaign website. A very devoted individual to the principles he stands for. Good luck with the election!

Scott St. Clair

Journalist at the Freedom Foundation (formerly Evergreen Freedom Foundation)

Dan Griffey is a determined and principled conservative who works very hard in the public interest to advance responsible solutions to policy issues. Vocationally, he's a dedicated public servant, and in his run for a seat in the Legislature he's giving voters a genuine choice for limited and accountable government, low taxes and minimal regulation.

Bill Hinkle

Rental Housing Association

Daniel understands what real people are going through right now in Washington. He is not a lacky for any political party or special interests. He loves America and Washington State and shows it every day he goes to work and lays it on the line as a firefighter. I heartily recommend him as the next representative from the 35th District. You can count on him!

John Darby, CAE, IOM

President/CEO at Hutto Area Chamber of Commerce

Dan is a great guy who embodies everthing a public servant should be. He is one of those rare individuals who actaully does what he says he'll do. Washington would be fortunate to have him representing us!

William F. Rennie

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker at Hawkins-Poe. Inc.

Dan has dedicated himself to serving his community and has demonstrated very high standards of loyalty and integrity in the process. When it comes to dependability, Dan gets my vote.

Chad Minnick

President, Green Light Strategies, Inc.

Dan Griffey is a breath of fresh air in politics today. His grounded, principled approach to fixing our state's budget, education and public safety challenges will make him a highly effective legislator for many years.

Renee Radcliff Sinclair

Strategic Initiatives at Apple Inc.

As a former legislator, I understand the challenges of setting priorities, balancing needs and wants, and staying true to the values of Washington's constitution. That's why I'm really excited about Dan's candidacy for the Washington State House of Representatives. He understands the importance of private-sector job creation in these troubled economic times and the appropriate role of government in facilitating that. He is committed to fiscal discipline, public safety and safeguarding the rights of Washington's citizens. Dan is exactly the kind of legislator we need to rebuild our state's economic vitality.

Elizabeth Scott

State Representative, 39th Legislative District, pos.2

I have known Daniel for a couple of years now. Throughout that time period, I have seen him work to further increase his knowledge of the issues so that he will be able to hit the ground running when he is elected to the State Legislature. He is consistently determined, cheerful, and personable. These qualities, coupled with his very strong work ethic, convince me that Daniel will be a conscientious Representative for his neighbors in the 35th L.D.

Randy Dutton

writer at www.rainforestpress.com

As a former 24th District Legislative candidate, I know Dan Griffey is the best candidate to help repair the broken Washington State economy.

James Watkins

Revenue Based Business Development: Go-To-Market Deals, Sales, Product, & Channels

I had the opportunity to work with Dan throughout the 2010 campaign season at various events, forums, and other activities. He's a hard worker, smart, compassionate, and driven to improve his community and Washington State overall. I'm pleased to recommend Dan.

Pat Tarzwell

President at T.E.I.

As a firefighter, Dan knows that sometimes you have to dig in your heels and fight. This is the kind of representative he would be, work his tail off for the people he represents while not giving in to pressures that would compromise his conservative principles of limited government. Dan understands the idea that our state government was established to protect and maintain our individual rights, not to do for us, but to get out of our way and let us do for ourselves.

Colleen Morse

Retired at Cam Consulting

Dan Griffey will make an excellent State Representative. In the 2010 election, he came within 1% point of beating the sitting legislator who had served for over a decade. Dan's service as his county's State Committeeman has given Dan a thorough understanding of the principles espoused by Republicans. He continues to expand his understanding of the legislative process, working diligently in the past two years to learn not only how to govern, but also what issues are important to advance the state's economy. Dan is a strong advocate for private property rights. His strength in that area will give all who agree an outstanding voice in the Washington State House of Representatives.

Paul Wagemann

Mortgage Loan Officer, Small Business Owner, Retired Marine, School Board Director, Concerned Citizen and Patriot

Daniel and I have worked together as candidates for State Representatives in different districts. He is a fiscal conservative who is committed to helping the business community create jobs for our citizens. He and his wife make a great team and they are a model family for our state. Daniel when elected will serve those he represents well. I encourage all voters to vote for Daniel as the best choice to represent the citizens of the 35th district. Go Dan!

Caroline Rich

Escrow and Title Insurance Services

I have come to know Dan Griffey as a highly ethical and exemplary citizen. He is dedicated to the community and to service. He cares about important issues and stands up for what is right!

Charles Huff

President at Advanced Systems

I have worked with Daniel on many different levels in the last 15 years. He approaches tasks with a diligence that many don't bring to the table. Dan has been able to take complex issues and bring them to the public in a way that they can make an informed decisions. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Dan.

Representatives Elizabeth Scott, David Taylor, Jason Overstreet,

and Matt Shea Endorse Dan Griffey for State Representative

“We are honored to give our support and endorsement to Dan Griffey as he runs for State Representative for the 35th District of Washington State. Without question, he is a man of integrity and character willing to take tough stands and not sway with the wind of political expediency and pragmatism.”

Dan Griffey stands steadfastly against tax increases and supports government working more efficiently within its constitutionally imposed constraints. He is an ardent supporter of your right to own guns, as he stated recently, “No deals and no compromises on the right to bear arms.” Dan also supports a parental rights amendment and homeschooling, two very important issues in the 35th District and throughout the state.

Many of you have asked us privately why we support Dan Griffey in this race over his opponent. We need people in Olympia today who will not say one thing on the campaign trail and then do another once in the Capitol. Dan Griffey is the candidate who will stand firmly for the people of the 35th District and for the principles of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.

Dan Griffey is someone you can trust, someone who understands his word is his bond. Dan is running in this election because he could not let politics as usual happen again. ‘The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people: it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.' When Patrick Henry made that statement he understood that an all-powerful central government was the enemy of freedom.

Dan Griffey is a staunch defender of property rights and someone who is determined to push back against the onslaught of state and federal regulations that are strangling our economy. We need people now, more than ever, who will take government out of the way so small businesses can get Washington working again. This is how we will restore our Constitutional Republic at the State level. We firmly believe Dan Griffey is the right person, at the right time to help make this happen.”

Please join us in supporting Dan Griffey for State Representative.

Elizabeth Scott (R)                                                                                                                   Jason Overstreet (R)

State Rep., 39th L.D.                                                                                                                State Rep., 42nd L.D.                                               


 David Taylor (R)                                                                                                                     Matt Shea (R)

State Rep., 15th L.D.                                                                                                              State Rep., 4thL.D.      

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