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 Dear Friends,

After the latest special session ended, I was approached by numerous people to run for the State Legislature again. They would tell me that their property rights were being violated, that their businesses were continuing to take financial hits or that they had lost their job. I heard about excessive regulations that were choking growth and how criminals were taking advantage of the system or how our children’s education is suffering. They all wanted someone to fight for them.

     I am running for the people and I am focused on upholding the citizen’s will, their votes and to give them a clear strong voice in the House. I will stand up for the jobless, the business owner, the abused, the neglected and the unborn. I will fight for our property rights, for our children to get a solid education, accountability in the tax system and for our civil liberties. Last but not least, with me you can be assured no compromises, and no deals on the right to keep and bear arms. I am going to stand firm on our Constitution and I’m not going to waiver.

     I agree with the Washington State Constitution, “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights." It is time that the people in our State get their voice back and their votes to count and there is no time like now to get started.

     I am working with leaders all across this state to get Washington back on track. Your ideas are welcome and I would appreciate your input. After all, we are all in this together and no one has the market cornered on the best ideas.

    Your support is critically important, as is your vote and the votes of your friends and family. If we are going to really turn this state around it will take Courage,  Character and Commitment. We will win by working together and leaving no stone unturned.

    We can do it and I am counting on you.


Daniel G. Griffey



Griffey for State House
PO Box 83
Allyn WA 98524




(360) 204-9636